When your business need a Health Check
If you are facing any of the following issues

Banks are not willing to give you credit facilities
Constant crisis mode
Decrease in profit
Growing slower than your industry
Highly stressful workplace
Increased legal problems
Increasing losses
Lack of control
Lack of Vision / Goals
Losing customers / low sales
Low productivity
Mounting bad / doubtful debts
Not enough time in your day to get work done
Obstacles appear unexpectedly
Project fails to deliver results
Running out of cash
Theft / Embezzlements
Unable to trace assets and liabilities
Unsatisfied / confused employees

Tips to inculcate positivity in your office / staff
Be Organized
Be Proactive
Carry an Attitude of Happiness
Count Blessings
Do not cry over spilt milk
Enjoy every moment
Find out the silver lining from a cloud
Focus on the Good
Have a Morning Routine
Have a Purpose / set clear goals
Keep-up Enthusiasm
Limit Complaints
Practice self-trust
Read inspirational stories and quotes
Relish Small Pleasures
Take Responsibility
Upload Positivity to Brain
Use the Power of Humor
By heart this quote “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier”

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