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Hello, it is a great pleasure to invite you to explore our website on behalf of Hussain Al Shemsi Chartered Accountants (HALSCA) to learn more about the services we offer. We are one of the recognized Accounting and Auditing firm in UAE with a focus on helping our clients to attain their financial objectives and to overcome their business challenges.

We have been providing our services since 2007, and offer high quality accounting, auditing and business advisory services in UAE. Our satisfied clients are the evidence of the high-quality services we offer. Our team consist of experienced professionals who pays close attention to all the needs of our clients, understands the circumstances, the industry, and bring out results that are favourable for our clients.

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"I hope this provides you with a few reasons to get to know HALSCA better. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business partner or a future employee, we look forward to finding out how we can work together to bring service to the society."

CA. Thankachan M. Joy Chief Executive Officer

"Let no one ever come to you with out leavingbetter and happier" - Mother Teresa.

We ensure client wealth is increased

Our biggest strength lies in delivering effective problem-based solutions that can be easily adapted by the business organisations. We are focused to deliver a thrilling experience to customers through disciplined processes that generate greater profit maximization opportunities.

We continuously focus on our values

Our culture is defined by a simple set of corporate values that define how we operate every single day - Trust, Reliability, Integrity, Commitment and Responsibility. They reflect how we interact with our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. We hold each other accountable for creating a company we can all be proud to work at.

We provide advises with a human touch

We bring passion, pride and experience together. We encourage the entrepreneurs to think innovatively and up their mind to have new ideas without losing the control.

We have true international reach

Being IR Global Member Firm, we apply the very best international insights to keep our clients at the leading edge.

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