How to get Tax Residency Certificate

“Issuing Tax Domicile Certificate for Individuals”


TAX Certificates​

MoF issues two types of tax certificates for eligible individuals residing and working in the UAE, namely: the Certificate of Status of Business / Business Person and the Tax Domicile Certificate, to exempt them from Certificate of Status of Business / Business Person, and to enable them to take advantage of double taxation avoidance agreements signed by the UAE.

Process flow

Create a new account on MoF website and apply through MOF website

Review of the submitted documents by the department and adoption

Payment of certificate's fees

The customer will receive the certificate through email once the payment operation finished

Requirements and Documents

Requirements to get the service

  • To apply for the service, you must have an email and an account on the system
  • Email Register in the system
  • Mobile number
  • To be resident in the state 183 days at least

Required Documents for Tax Domicile Certificate

  • Passport Copy
  • Valid Residence Copy
  • Certified Tenancy Contract / Title Deed.
  • Certified bank statement for at least 6 months during the required year.
  • Source of Income/Salary Certificate.
  • Immigration Report of residency (Exit & Entry report)


For issuing the certificate: Pay 2,000 Dirhams + 3 Dirhams, paid through e-Dirham Card The Payment for the certificate occurs, after the final approval of the request by the Ministry

For submitting the application

Pay 100 Dirhams + 3 Dirhams, paid through e-Dirham Card

Lost, Damaged, or Copy of Original

Pay 100 Dirhams + 3 Dirhams, paid through e-Dirham Card

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