VAT Health Check

VAT Health check in UAE

Conducting a VAT health check with experts from HALSCA, we are able to help you assess, identify and resolve any issues or bottlenecks before they become problematic to your company.

VAT is relatively a simple tax scheme. However, being mostly a self assessing tax, it is not uncommon for committing errors or inaccuracies. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to identify such errors until they are called for inspection by the tax authorities. This can cause injury to the company by means of legal actions against the entity, fines, and penalties. Larger the VAT related transactions, greater is the risk of such unfortunate scenarios.

By undertaking a VAT health check with HALSCA, we are able to help you assess, identify and resolve such possible errors before they become problematic to the entity. Oh VAT health check usually commences with a visit to your office by one of our experts who will perform a detailed inquiry and inspect the accounting policy and system. This will help us to asses the current state of the records and transactions and help in identifying and quantifying any errors. Our checks typically comprises of source data check, accounting system check, sample invoice checks, etc. This includes a high level sense checks to identify any further anomalies

Benefits of performing a VAT health check through HALSCA would be:

  • Assessment of current stage and ways to improve it
  • Prevention of any legal actions, fines or penalties against the entity
  • Identifying ways to minimize tax liability while being VAT compliant
  • Get timely and deserved VAT refunds from the tax authorities by suggesting ways to improve recovery
  • Identifying improvement to the policies and systems in place
  • Check if VAT schemes are being followed and utilised correctly
  • Peace of mind as we will guide you through your VAT affairs

Our expert staff at HALSCA have garnered the requisite knowledge and experience in the VAT regime by serving our wide range of clientele spread over multiple industries. Get in touch with us to perform a well deserved VAT Health Check for your company.

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